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Welcome to the Bio-Itzá Eco-cultural Spanish Language school!

The school was created in 1998 as a project of the Bio-Itzá Association, a non-profit organization that is working for the conservation of the indigenous Itzá culture and the local environment. In addition to generating employment for the community, income from the school will help support a tropical forest preserve, medicinal plants garden, and other community projects.

The cost is $160 US per person per week and includes:


  • One-on-one Spanish instruction -20 hours of Spanish with one-on-one instruction (4 hours daily M-F)
  • Housing and meals with local family (3 meals/day for 7 days)
  • Free cultural immersion activities in afternoons*


The school is suitable for individual students, adults, small groups, or larger groups including college/university classes. Shorter and longer stays can be arranged to fit class or personal needs. Prices ($US)

  class In addition to living in San José, the Spanish immersion experience can take place at our jungle Reserve Eco-camp.
extra cultural immersion activities

The vibrant community of San Jose provides many opportunites for cultural activities after class. These unique experiences are offered as free extra-curricular activities as part of the educational experience. If desired, activities may include:

tours of San José tours of medicinal plant garden
futbol with local talent basketball aftermath
prepare traditional food dishes dancing classes
  local arts and crafts trip to Maya Itzá cultural center

For information on more extensive Biosphere Reserve tours or other excursions, click here


During your stay, homestays* may be the most enjoyable experience for students and families alike. The families you will be staying with are poor but extremely loving and the accommodations are simple, but clean. Students will have their own rooms.

*Homestays have been the richest and most rewarding experiences for students in San José, as the close-knit immersion and need to communicate has proven to provide them with life-long lessons, achievements, and memories

Students will enjoy traditional, home-cooked meals to their needs. Experiences with families, especially the children, provide some of the most challenging, and most rewarding moments on your San José adventure.
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